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Meet Brittany our Human Resources Manager. Brittany has been a part of the ethos team for nearly six years! When she isn’t at ethos, you can find her in the kitchen creating something delicious!

But what Brittany loves most is spending time with her husband and two dogs.

How long have you worked with ethos orthodontics?

Coming up to 6 years in a couple of months.

What inspired you to work in the Dental Industry?

I had braces when I was in high school and really enjoyed my experience and still show off my smile. Also, I have family and friends that worked in the industry that love it.

Favourite thing about working with the ethos team?

The good vibes, the laughter and the teamwork. The ethos girls are like my second family.

What is the most frequently asked question about braces?

Is the first appointment going to hurt? All the orthodontists are so gentle and caring that everyone always walks out smiling after getting their braces fitted.

Most inspiring ethos moment?

Building the relationship with the patients, I saw a patient at every single appointment she had with ethos and it was really great seeing how happy she was when getting her braces off.

What can a smile say?

A smile tells everyone that you are happy and confident.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending time with family, friends and my puppies. I also love being in the kitchen and cooking up a storm!

Your favourite band?

Hmm…too many options. I love dancing to RnB Fridays though!

Ultimate holiday snapshot?

I would really like to experience a white, snowy Christmas at least once.

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