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There are many types of braces for your teeth, here at Ethos we offer both Clarity braces and Victory braces.

We can work with you to find the best dental braces treatment that suits you.

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Clarity Braces

Conventional braces with a contemporary design


Clarity braces are truly revolutionary – small, strong, comfortable and very discreet. For very good reasons, they’re a popular option among many of our patients.

Clarity braces lead the way when it comes to innovation. They are made of fine-grained ceramic material, blending in beautifully with the natural colour of your teeth and offers enhanced stain resistance.

Ultra-small translucent brackets provide a more attractive alternative to traditional metal braces, while smoother edges make for a more comfortable fit.

Some of the other benefits of Clarity braces include:

  • An Ideal mix of aesthetic appeal and powerful performance
  • New dome-shaped design for a more comfortable fit
  • Designed using an advanced injection-moulding process

Victory Braces

A winner amongst young patients


Victory braces are a great option for many young patients for two very good reasons – they are stylishly affordable and can be decorated with every colour of the rainbow. As a bonus, they straighten your teeth, improve your smile, help you look your best and boost your confidence.

The latest Victory braces are smaller and flatter than ever before, which means they’re more comfortable to wear – and less noticeable to look at. Once you get used to them, you’ll probably stop thinking about them altogether.

Victory braces work well in lots of different cases but are still one of the less expensive options. Here are a few other fast facts:

  • One of the easiest ways to get a beautiful new smile
  • Strong and sturdy so a good option for playing sport
  • More comfortable fit as they sit flat against your teeth
  • Easy to clean because they’re so small. No-fuss brushing!
Victory Braces
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Braces Costs

Here at Ethos, we strive to make your treatment as easy and convenient as possible, and this includes the payment process. We understand how orthodontic treatments can be scary given how costly some services can be. At Ethos, we offer discounts and flexible payment plans to suit your needs.

Download our FREE SmileSeeker App and evaluate your smile to find out what treatment you may need. You can also find out more about how treatment costs, consultation fees, and health fund information on our website.


When do you need to get braces?

Braces are used to straighten teeth that are not in alignment. While braces are often prescribed to children or early teens, adult braces are becoming increasingly common. The signs we look for when considering treatment include crowded and crooked teeth, difficulty flossing, frequent biting of your tongue, and stress or fatigue on your jawline after chewing food.

Often your dentist will let you know if you need braces, that is why going to see your dentist regularly is so important. Your dentist will give you a referral to come and visit us (although you do not need to have a referral to book an appointment). Your Ethos team will then look at your teeth and discuss with you if braces are the best treatment plan for you.

How do braces get fitted to your teeth?

Firstly, our oral health therapists clean the tooth surface, where the braces are to be placed. Then the orthodontist will prep the tooth surface and place each individual brace onto each tooth. These are set with a light-curing technique, followed by the placing of a soft initial archwire. The small rubber modules (clear/coloured) are then placed over the wire and brace.

During your consultation, we will walk you through each step of the process and you can ask as many questions as you like. Our friendly team is here to support you throughout the treatment, so if you have any questions before or after your appointment, please give us a call.

How do I clean my teeth with braces on?

Pretty much the same way you do now. Flossing and using interdental brushes will also help reach the parts that toothbrushes can’t. Avoid eating certain foods when you have braces, such as sticky sweets and sugary or acidic drinks. Doing so will help keep your teeth clean.

Don’t forget to keep visiting your dentist and maintaining your regular appointments. If you are experiencing some discomfort in your cheeks or lips, we recommend using orthodontic wax to help them heal. For more tips on keeping your teeth clean while you have braces speak to our Oral Health Therapists or read our blog.

What do I do if my braces break?

Braces may occasionally break or become loose. First, check if the wire is still attached to the bracket. If so, leave it place. If it is still attached but sticking out, press it gently back into position and use orthodontic wax to hold it in place until you can visit your orthodontist.

If the bracket has come loose, remove it (only if you easily can) and bring it to your orthodontist. Please contact us to make an appointment as soon as you can to have them fixed; this will help keep your treatment on track.

How do braces get taken off my teeth?

Our qualified oral health therapists use a special brace-removing tool that applies a small amount of pressure when placed over the brace, allowing it to be removed. Any leftover adhesive residue is removed, and your teeth are cleaned, revealing your beautiful new smile.

To help prevent any unwanted movement of your teeth in the future; your post-treatment plan will involve a retainer. Dr Cath O’Shea outlines everything you need to know about having retainers after braces.

Can I have my braces taken off for a special event?

Yes, for a very special event we can remove some or all of your braces. Usually, the braces on the upper front teeth will be removed as they are the most visible. However, we need to use new braces to replace these and this requires additional treatment time. A small fee may be charged.

If you think this may apply to you, your orthodontist and treatment will be happy to discuss your options in further details.

Can I eat anything I like while I’m wearing braces?

With braces, you can eat most things but should avoid hard sticky sweets like toffees. You may also need to cut up some foods, like apples, raw carrots and crusty rolls, and avoid gnawing meat on the bone or corn on the cob. Read our blog on what foods you should avoid during your treatment. Your orthodontist and oral health therapist will also give you full instructions when you have your braces fitted.

Is there anything I won’t be able to do with braces on?

Braces shouldn’t hold you back in life. These days they’re relatively low maintenance which means you can still work, eat, drink, kiss and sing! You can eat most foods too, as long as you avoid hard or sticky lollies, corn on the cob, crunchy or hard foods and sugary drinks. Playing certain instruments (like a trumpet or flute) might be a little difficult at first but can be improved with practice.

The Ethos team will happily share their advice on how to navigate life during your treatment.

Do clear braces cost more than metal braces?

In some cases, clear braces may be more expensive than metal braces due to the different design and materials used. Contact your nearest Ethos clinic to find out more about different treatment options.

Clear braces vs metal braces

Clear braces are often lighter and can be more comfortable than metal braces due to the material and design used. Both options work well for effectively straightening and correcting crooked teeth. Clear braces are the best option if you want a more conspicuous look, however they can be less durable and are prone to staining. For more information contact our friendly team!

Do adult braces take longer?

In many cases, orthodontic treatment can take longer for adults than children or teenagers. Our teeth and jaws are still growing and developing during our younger years, so it can be easier to mould them to our desired shape. Your braces journey will vary depending on many factors, so contact your nearest Ethos clinic for an initial consultation today.