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A natural, confident smile should be one of life’s most treasured possessions.

So if you are self-conscious about your smile, or tired of letting crooked teeth hold you back, ethos lite could be the treatment for you.

Ethos Lite

The short-term treatment providing long-lasting results


Ethos lite is a short-term orthodontics plan for less complicated cases, delivering long-lasting results and a beautiful smile in just 6-9 months. All at a much lower cost than full orthodontic treatment!

With ethos lite, there is no compromise in quality. All treatments are carried out by specialist orthodontists and begin with a full consultation and accurate diagnosis. We get it right the first time – we don’t like surprises either! Also, the treatment plan fits easily around busy lifestyles, so it’s suitable for all ages.

If you’re looking to make small, but significant changes to your teeth – perhaps to improve alignment or close gaps – ethos lite might be right for you however this can only be decided by one of our experienced Orthodontists.

Ethos Lite Costs

Here at ethos, we strive to make your treatment as easy and convenient as possible, and this includes the payment process. We understand how orthodontic treatments can be scary given how costly some services can be. At ethos, we offer discounts and flexible payment plans to suit your needs.

Patients who are eligible for ethos lite treatment can significantly reduce both the time and the cost of full orthodontic treatment.

Download our FREE SmileSeeker App and evaluate your smile to find out what treatment you may need. You can also find out more about how treatment costs, consultation fees, and health fund information on our website.


Why is treatment so fast?

Ethos lite is fast because it only treats relatively minor cases. It’s designed for people who already have a good bite and don’t require any major structural changes. In fact, ethos lite only focuses on your front six teeth – your ‘smile teeth’. These aesthetic adjustments don’t take as long to take effect as changes to the bite, and dramatic results can usually be seen in the first 3-6 months. Of course, another reason why the treatment is so successful, so soon, is because we know exactly what we are doing – and have the streamlined systems and established practice network to keep things running smoothly. To find out whether ethos lite is right for you, it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis. At ethos, that’s something we excel at, because we don’t want anyone in braces longer than they should be!

Is quick orthodontic treatment as effective as traditional cases?

Absolutely! If you qualify as an ethos lite candidate, you can still expect amazing, long-lasting results. You just won’t have to wait as long because you don’t need the full treatment required in complex cases. And because ethos are experts in retention, you will also have the best post-treatment care, keeping your teeth in place and your ongoing treatment on track.

If it’s simple, can my dentist perform my treatment?

We would always recommend seeing a specialist. While some dentists may have basic training in some of the treatment products, it’s not their specific area of expertise. Ethos orthodontists have studied for a minimum of three extra years to qualify as orthodontists, and do this kind of work every day. We will listen carefully to your needs and take a genuine interest in the outcome. We also guarantee accurate diagnosis and an all-inclusive quote at the start of the treatment – so there are no surprises with costs.

I don’t really need orthodontics, is it worth it?

Only you can answer this question. Ethos lite is an aesthetic treatment option that patients choose to have but don’t need to have. It can be a great idea for anyone who wants to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, enhance a smile or boost confidence. It’s also a great way to improve speech difficulties, and avoid injuries caused by protruding teeth. Of course, having perfectly aligned teeth will help you keep your teeth clean too, which is great for oral health. Talk to your ethos orthodontist to discuss your options.

Can I set up a payment plan for my ethos lite treatment?

Yes. Ethos offer a variety of payment methods, including our interest free monthly payment plans that help to spread out the costs of your treatment. You can find out more about your options here.

Am I too old for treatment?

You are never too old to take control of your life and make the changes you want. ethos lite is a suitable treatment for people of all ages, from teens and children with less complex needs to adults who are seeking small, but significant changes. Many adults get braces these days and there are some very discreet treatment options available, such as Incognito and Invisalign. We’ve recently had an 80-year-old patient undergo ethos lite treatment to improve her teeth for her granddaughter’s wedding!