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Braces need not be only for functional reasons but can also be a fashion statement!

At ethos orthodontics you will visit us once every 6 – 8 weeks so that we can check the progress of your braces treatment. An exciting part of this visit is when you get to choose your new braces colours.

Teenagers like to choose a bold and brilliant colour combination from our large colour wheel.

Some of the most popular colour combinations include the following:

  • Your school colours
  • Your sports team’s colour
  • Gold and silver
  • Holiday colours
  • Your favourite colours
  • School house team colours
  • Rainbow

If bold and brilliant colours aren’t really your style and you would like your braces to blend more subtly against your teeth, white or clear is a good option for you.

Before you make your braces colour selection keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose braces colours that will make your teeth look whiter. A good colour selection is dark purple or navy blue.
  • You can change your selected colour at each visit so your teeth need never look boring during your treatment!

Once we have applied your new braces colours, wear them with a big smile!