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If you’re about to begin your Invisalign journey or are well and truly into your treatment, it’s important you know how to properly care for your Invisalign aligners so they can care for you! Invisalign aligners are clear trays shaped specifically to your set of pearly whites to do exactly what they say: align your teeth for a straight smile. Being worn daily, they are bound to get dirty, so let’s learn more about how to keep them clean.

How to clean your Invisalign aligner

Taking care of your aligners can be as quick and easy as brushing your teeth. In saying that, you should be cleaning your aligner as often as you brush your teeth – not only does this make it easy to remember to clean your aligner, but it also helps prevent buildup.

The only thing you’ll need to clean your Invisalign aligner is your toothbrush. 

  • Rinse. Remove and prevent bacteria and plaque by regularly rinsing your tray under some lukewarm water.
  • Brush. Using your toothbrush, create small circular motions all over the inside and outside of your aligner. Avoid using any coloured products for cleaning, such as mouthwash or coloured antibacterial soap, as this can discolour your clear aligner.
  • Rinse again. After brushing your tray thoroughly, rinse it again with lukewarm water to remove any leftover bacteria or product.
  • Remove calcium buildup. After cleaning, closely examine your aligner to check for any calcium buildup, which appears as a cloudy white film. In case of any noticeable buildup, soak the aligner in a cleaning solution outlined in the product’s care guide or the Invisalign Cleaning System.

Preventative maintenance for Invisalign

To avoid large amounts of buildup of bacteria, plaque, and calcium, there are a number of preventative measures you can take. 

  • Healthy hygiene habits. Following a thorough dental hygiene routine before wearing your retainer will help keep your aligner cleaner for longer. Flossing daily and brushing twice a day prevents the spread of bacteria to your aligner.
  • Remove aligners before eating and drinking. Popular foods and drinks can stain your teeth and aligner. To avoid dirtying your Invisalign aligner, it’s safest to remove it before eating or drinking.
  • Clean with antibacterial soap. The growth of bacteria in Invisalign aligners can cause an unpleasant smell. For this reason, it’s beneficial to occasionally incorporate a clear antibacterial soap when cleaning your aligner. 

When to replace your Invisalign aligner

When you follow the Invisalign journey with Ethos Orthodontics, you’ll never be unsure about when to change your aligner. From the moment you get your first Invisalign aligner, you’ll have a specially designed aligner to fit your pearly whites, which comes with a specified treatment plan so you’ll know exactly when to move to your next aligner.

Do you have questions about your Invisalign aligner?

The Ethos experience ensures you have a smooth and enjoyable orthodontic journey.

If you have any questions about beginning your Invisalign journey to a straight smile or regarding the care for your aligner, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ethos team.