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In an average lifetime you will spend 38.5 days cleaning your teeth

. But how do you know you’re doing it right? 7 in 10 Australians admit they should be doing a better job caring for their teeth, according to an Australian Dental Association (ADA) report.

Dr Peter Alldritt, chairman of the ADA’s Oral Health Committee, says most people are impatient and rush the brushing process. “It only takes two minutes,” Alldritt says. “It’s not much time out of your day.”

Common brushing mistakes

  • Not brushing for long enough. You need to brush for two full minutes, morning and night.
  • Not brushing your gums. Angle your toothbrush to your gum line to make sure you’re brushing where the plaque is.
  • Brushing too hard. Teeth need to be brushed, not scrubbed.
  • Not flossing. Make sure you floss every time you brush.

Source: bodyandsoul