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What to do if your Invisalign retainer is rough on the edges
Braces Tips

What To Do If Your Invisalign Aligner Is Rough On The Edges

If your Invisalign is uncomfortable, you are more likely to stop using your retainers or wear them less, so it’s important to understand how to ease the pain.

What to do if a baby tooth comes loose with braces
Braces Tips

What To Do If Your Baby Tooth Comes Loose With Braces

It’s possible to wear braces with a few baby teeth left, but they will need to be closely monitored by your dentist. If a tooth does fall out, your orthodontist...

Braces Tips

What To Do If Your Braces Colour Comes Off

Coloured rubber bands falling off your braces can happen at any time. Eating sticky foods, brushing teeth roughly, or flossing too hard can cause your rubber bands to come off....

Braces Tips

What To Do If Your Braces Bracket Comes Loose

It is not uncommon for a bracket to come loose while wearing braces, so it’s important to understand what to do if it happens! Our latest how-to video guide takes...

Braces Tips

What To Do If You Have A Sharp Braces Wire

Sharp wires from your braces can be painful and frustrating. Here at Ethos, we have a few tips and tricks for you to ease discomfort and get those sharp wires...

Braces Tips

How To Put On Braces Elastics At Home

Putting elastics on your braces can be a tricky task! Our latest SmileSeeker video explains what to do if you’re having trouble, with a few tips on the best ways...