Annual Christmas Appeal

By November 16, 2016
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Youngcare works to provide choice in care and housing options for young people with high care needs.

Right now, 7,500 young Australians (under the age of 65) with 24/7 care needs are living in aged care facilities around the country, simply because there are very limited alternatives. A further 700,000 are being cared for at home by family and friends, often with limited support.

Youngcare works to change this by building more appropriate housing; financially assisting through At Home Care Grants; and providing information and advice through the Youngcare Connect hotline.

Every young person deserves a young life, regardless of their care needs.

For the last four years ethos has been raising money and awareness for youngcare and again have chosen youngcare as our annual Christmas appeal.

You can help create a meaningful change in the lives young Australians with full-time care needs by making a donation.

Visit www.youngcare.com.au for more information