faqs about toothbrush care and replacement

Your toothbrush is a breeding ground for germs. But fear not, just know when it's time to give yours the old heave-ho.

Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018  
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15 ways to be a happier you

Life isn’t always perfect.  We all have our ups and downs and days that just seem harder than others, but it doesn’t mean those pesky life issues should get in the way of our happiness. Here are 15 life things you can do to boost your happiness and keep your health in-check.

Published on Tuesday 5 June 2018  
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protecting enamel

Enamel is the thin, but very hard, outer coating of your teeth. It protects the inner parts of the tooth including the dentine and the pulp. Only a fraction of a millimeter thick in some parts, enamel never grows back once it's chipped or worn away it.

Exposure to acidic foods or drinks is one of the main reasons that enamel wears away or erodes. This process, known as tooth erosion, leaves the dentine exposed and your teeth much more sensitive.

Published on Friday 1 June 2018  
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who needs orthodontics?

Do you have teeth that grind or clench? Or jaws that click? Perhaps you’re having difficulty with speech, or problems chewing and biting. These are all conditions that an orthodontist can help with.

Many people will need to see an orthodontist at some stage in life. Perhaps because of a problem that’s developed in adulthood. Or one that was not treated properly when they were younger.

Published on Thursday 24 May 2018  
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wisdom teeth

Everything thing you need to know about these late bloomers.

Wisdom teeth are the rear molars that erupt last, usally around the late teens or early 20s. There are normally two wisdom teeth in the upper and lower jaw and wisdom teeth can cause various dental problems. Sometimes it will be recommended that problematic and painful wisdom teeth be removed.

Published on Monday 14 May 2018  
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