chewing sugar free gum

Chewing sugarfree gum after eating or drinking is clinically proven to complement a healthy oral care routine.

It stimulates the body’s most important natural defence against tooth decay - saliva - which, in turn helps protect your teeth by:

Published on Monday 30 July 2018  
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orthodontic emergencies

It's true, orthodontic emergencies are rare but if something feels loose or broken, don’t panic! Just call our practice to schedule an appointment to have it fixed. However if you're away on holidays, you may be able to temporarily solve it yourself until we see you next time.

Here are a few tips and tricks!

Published on Friday 20 July 2018  
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benefits of using dental floss

Add flossing to your daily dental routine and you’ll experience a cleaner, healthier smile. Most people either forget about flossing or put it low on their list of priorities because they are unaware of the importance or unsure how to do it correctly. But flossing helps clean the gaps between your teeth so that you're less likely to get gum infections or cavities from bacteria build-up. And with improved dental health, you may avoid the large bills that come with expensive dental procedures.

Published on Tuesday 10 July 2018  
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how soft drinks affect your body

We all know fizzy drinks aren’t health tonics, but they affect the body in more ways than you may realise.

Published on Wednesday 4 July 2018  
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