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A Pearly White Celebration with Samantha Nasternak (Communications Advisor, Queensland Resources Council)

After nine months of treatment with ethos, newly wed Samantha Nasternak says she is pleased to be rid of her “snaggle” tooth and ready to take on lipstick again!

How did you come to know about ethos Orthodontics?

I returned home from living abroad for 18 months and I was determined to find an effective solution to correct my smile as I had my wedding to plan over the next 12 months. I had noticed an ethos practice was located close to my home at Loganholme, so I checked the website and found there was another practice located at Mount Gravatt, which allowed me to attend appointments before or after work.

How long was your dental treatment time?

I had my braces on for approximately nine months which went very quickly.

What was your favourite food during your dental treatment?

I loved making spring vegetable soup at home to take to work for lunch.

What was your reaction when you first saw your new smile?

I couldn’t believe how perfect my smile looked and couldn’t wait to start experimenting with lipstick again!

What was the turning point for you in deciding to have your teeth fixed?

The 18 months that I travelled overseas with my partner meant I literally had thousands of photos taken at various monuments and sites across the globe. It was clear that my teeth had moved during that period and the photos were living proof!

What don’t you miss about your teeth?

I don’t miss that silly little “snaggle” tooth which always popped out in photos when I was really happy and smiley.

What makes you smile on a daily basis?

My husband makes me laugh every single day, he is the funniest person I know and I think a lot of people would agree!

How do you like to make other people smile?

I absolutely love baking and happen to be famous for my brownies. Delicious food definitely brings people together and there’s always something to smile about when you’re surrounded by loved ones.