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Michael is one of our dedicated oral health therapists. When he isn’t revealing our patients’ beautiful smiles, Michael can be found in the great outdoors with his wife and three young daughters!

How long have you worked with ethos orthodontics?

It will be 6 years in July!

What inspired you to become an Oral Health Therapist?

I am a real people person. I really enjoy direct contact with patients. The fact that on any given day you are helping people achieve an outcome that will stay with them for life. I personally couldn’t see myself doing anything else!

Favourite thing about working at ethos?

An awesome team! Where each staff member’s role is crucial to getting the perfect result for the patient.

What is the most frequently asked question about oral health?

Mothers always ask me if their 14 yr old sons have been brushing their teeth.

Most inspiring ethos moment?

Recently I removed braces from a lady in her 60’s, after rinsing her mouth out she looked into the mirror and started to cry. She said that she has waited all her life to have such a beautiful smile.

What can a smile say?

My Grandfather once told me you need a good smile and a good education to survive in this world!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Where do I start?! Any outdoor family activities. Camping, surfing, cycling and touch football.

Your favourite band?

Powderfinger, Midnight Oil and John Butler.

Favourite Holiday snapshot?

My 11 yr old daughter surfing at Angourie!

Michael Kerr works at our Upper Mt Gravatt and Clayfield practices.


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