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Jacquie first started at ethos in 1996. In her spare time, Jacquie loves to relax with a coffee or three and spend time with her two kids. At the moment Jacquie loves listening to Brisbane band Sheppard and dreams of visiting Paris!

How long have you worked with ethos orthodontics?

I started in 1996. I took a few years off to take care of my two children and have been back for ten years.

What inspired you to work in the Dental Industry?

The practical aspect of the job. I also love working with people.

Favourite thing about working with the ethos team?

Ethos is more like my extended family. We have so much fun together.

What is the most frequently asked question about braces?

For an adult it’s “How long do I need to wear them?” and for kids, it’s “How many colours can I have?”

Most inspiring moment?

My hug moments! When I receive gorgeous hugs from my younger patients, I love it!

What can a smile say?

Everything! It is such a confidence booster.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee! And being the taxi driver for my teenage kids.

Your favourite band?

Currently, it’s Brissy band ‘Sheppard.’

Ultimate holiday snapshot?

I’ve never been to Paris, I would love a snapshot of the Eiffel Tower! Standing right underneath it with my family.

Jaqcuie Pearce works with Dr Kent Farmer and Dr Shari Prove at our Upper Mount Gravatt branch.


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