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Dr Anna Chang


Anna chose to specialise in orthodontics because she enjoys working with young people and seeing the difference a smile can make for them. She likes nothing better than to see the photos from her patients’ graduations or formals where a beautiful new smile shines through. When she is not busy at ethos, Anna enjoys shopping, more shopping, traveling and cooking meals with her husband.

How long have you worked at ethos Orthodontics?

Just over 11 years!

What inspired you to become an Orthodontist?

I wanted to make people feel good about their appearance and have confidence in their self-image. I always noticed confident, happy people smile a lot, hence being an Orthodontist allows me to make people happy with their smile and boost their confidence.

Favourite thing about working with the ethos team?

Everyone within the team has a good work ethic. It’s fun to work with all the lovely staff.

Most inspiring ethos moment?

Knowing my work is being appreciated by all the lovely patients I have treated throughout the years.

What can a smile say?

Too much! But it means happiness.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Shopping, eating, traveling and cooking.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

All of me – John Legend! What a legend!

Ultimate holiday?

Anywhere as long as I am with my husband or my loved ones.

Favourite food?

Umm… junk food. Chocolates or hot chips.

Dr Anna Chang works at our Loganholme, Upper Mt Gravatt and North Lakes branches.


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