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It can be difficult and a little intimidating organising an orthodontic appointment.

You want more information, you want to know how serious the issue is and you want to know now! But it’s difficult to diagnose your individual problems without heading in to see an orthodontist. With the SmileSeeker app, you can now get more of an idea of what your concerns are before you even pick up the phone.

SmileSeeker is an app developed by Ethos, which can evaluate your smile and give you a recommendation of what treatment would best suit you. This process is done by first taking a photo of your smile, then answering a number of questions about your lifestyle. The app will then give you a personalised report outlining your options, treatment costs and length of treatment.

Ethos offers a variety of different treatments to improve your smile. These include ethos lite
and traditional braces. What ever treatment is best for you, the app can provide you with more information on the different options, quotes and possible results so you know exactly what to expect.

But SmileSeeker isn’t all serious – it’s also a lot of fun! Suitable for all ages, the app is designed to make your orthodontic experience more positive. It even has an added mini game, called “cheeez”, which allows you to “swap smiles” and have a little fun with family and friends, making a daunting process more exciting and light hearted.

Want to assess your smile? Whether you are considering orthodontic treatment or are just curious about your pearly whites, the SmileSeeker app is a great way to identify possible orthodontic work without leaving your home. Download the free application on Apple or Android today and see how your smile stacks up!