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15 Ways To Be A Happier You

By June 5, 2018
Couple laughing with a white perfect smile

Life isn’t always perfect. We all have our ups and downs and days that just seem harder than others, but it doesn’t mean those pesky life issues should get in the way of our happiness. Here are 15 life things you can do to boost your happiness and keep your health in-check.

1. Just Smile

Whether you’re “feeling it” or not, a simple smile has the ability to trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. If such as small act can make you (and others) feel better about yourselves, then we should definitely be doing more of this.

2. Eat Your Way Happy

Lifting your mood may be as easy as changing what you eat. Foods like salmon, walnuts, spinach, eggs – even dark chocolate – have the ability to boost levels of serotonin in the brain, which is important for achieving a balanced mind and body.

3. Get More Sleep

If you’ve been literally running on 5 hours of sleep each night, chances are you’re not on-board the happiness train. Sleep is so, so important in helping your body repair and recover each day. It’s also crucial for mental clarity and happiness. Hit the hay and try to get at least 7 hours of shut-eye each night.

4. Exercise

There just isn’t room for excuses when it comes to exercise. Sure, it’s important in keeping your body in tip-top shape, but it’s a fact that exercising releases feel-good endorphins and can improve mental-wellbeing. So pencil in a date with your favourite workout.

5. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Sometimes life is hard, we know, but before you get upset, ask yourself, “Will you care about this tomorrow, next week or in a year?” If the answer is no, let it go. Small things are only going to affect your own happiness, and happiness knows best.

6. Get Inspired

Find what you love and go for it! Or, if you’re in need of some little inspiration, look to your favourite books, music or mantras to dig deep and find something that will get you going.

7. Take Some Time Out

While it’s great to spend time with your favourite humans in life, it’s also a good idea to have some alone time with yourself. While they don’t mean to, sometimes friends and family can unload their troubles onto you making it hard for you to be happy with the things going on in your life. Take some time out to de-stress, relax and reflect on life.

8. Be Positive

Every time you start to think negatively about a situation, try and shift your thinking to seeing the positive. Being positive is said to reduce stress and will help you tackle difficult situations differently.

9. Put Down Your Phone

You may already be aware that checking your phone every 30 seconds doesn’t do anything for your mental sanity, but frequent mobile phone use is also associate with higher anxiety and less happiness. So do yourself a favour, and switch it off.

10.Take A Walk

If you’re the type of person that goes from home to work to back home again, it’s time to get outside. Research suggests that low levels of vitamin D can contribute to mood disorders and depression. And while you can get your hit of vitamin D from some foods and supplements, spending just 10 – 15 minutes outdoors, three times a week is enough to stimulate brain chemicals that improve mood.

11. Find Your Strengths

Identify what you’re good at and focus on them. Using your strengths as a motivator will help you feel empowered and energised. You go girl!

12. Start With a Goal

It’s so easy to get caught up with a mountain high to-do list, that we often don’t have the time to think about what we want to get out of each day. Each morning, try setting yourself one goal that you’d like to achieve nail for the day. Having something to work towards other than the daily grind will help to relieve stress, anxiety and boost your happiness once you tick it off.

13.Take Risks

While structure and routine are important, it’s also very easy to find yourself in a rut because you’re holding on to what may or may not happen. Challenge yourself to take a risk each day and don’t let your fears hold you make. Whether it’s talking to someone new, setting a tough goal, just anything that pushes you outside your comfort zone. Taking a risk will allow you to grow and learn and can be very healthy and rewarding.

14. Do A Good Deed

Fact: people who volunteer are more likely to be happier than those who don’t. Researchers believe that doing a good deed increases happiness because it boosts empathy, which allows you to appreciate all the good things going on in your life.

15. De-clutter Your Space

Who has time for life admin? It just doesn’t happen. Set yourself at least 15 minutes to start organising bills and the piles of “stuff” around the house. Even the smallest dent will make the biggest difference to your day.

Source: bodyandsoul.com