Your First Appointment

visiting ethos for the first time

Before you start any orthodontic treatment, we want you to be clear about your treatment needs and understand the different options you have for achieving a beautiful, natural smile. That’s what your first consultation is for.

In a comfortable, supportive environment, you can decide what is right for you, learning the difference between Clarity and Victory braces, or whether you’re better suited to Invisalign or Incognito.

in the hands of expert orthodontists

All our orthodontists are skilled specialists, happy to discuss the latest treatment options. Better still, they are approachable and take a genuine interest in your concerns and treatment goals. Meet the ethos team.

You will then receive a written treatment plan with an all-inclusive cost.

When you are ready to go ahead, simply make another appointment to start the treatment – and bring that fantastic smile one step closer!

first appointment for adults

Once you’ve made an appointment, we’ll send you a welcome pack introducing ethos and asking you to bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Your referral from your dentist (You don’t need a referral to visit ethos, but if you have one, please bring it.)
  • Any recent mouth x-rays
  • Your completed medical questionnaire – download here

We will also ask you to make a deposit or pay the full amount before treatment gets underway.

first appointment for children and teens

First visit to ethos? Don’t be nervous. We love working with children and teenagers, and we know just how to have some fun along the way. (Some of our patients think we’re just big kids ourselves.) Here’s what you can expect -– along with a few bad jokes!

  • First, the receptionist will welcome you and let the treatment coordinator know you’re here.
  • A chat with the treatment coordinator will answer any questions you might have.
  • Next we’ll take some digital images of your teeth for the orthodontist to look at (digital imaging at Mount Gravatt and Clayfield only).
  • Then it’s off to the orthodontist’s consulting room. An orthodontist’s chair is just like a dentist’s chair – without the drills or needles! Our friendly orthodontists will listen to what you and your parents want and help you choose the right treatment. Meet our orthodontists here.
  • The orthodontist will then prepare a letter for your parent(s) telling them how long the treatment will take, what it will involve, and what it will cost.

That’s it for the first visit. It only takes about 45 minutes and you’ll be that little bit closer to a fantastic new smile.

embrace your treatment

So, you’re going ahead with the treatment. That’s great! Now it’s a good idea to find out about the process. Depending on your teeth and treatment, this usually takes between 12-24 months.

This is also when we give you your “starter pack”, filled with goodies that will help you get used to life with braces as quickly as possible.

your fitting appointment

First things first, the fitting isn’t painful. So whether you’re having Invisalign or braces fitted, you don’t need to worry! Once fitted, our oral health therapists will give you some handy tips explaining how to look after them.

During this visit we will also make records of your teeth, including photos of your smile and profile. (It’s always fun to compare your before and after shots.)

regular adjustments

Before we even start, we have an orthodontic master plan all mapped out. To get to this end goal, we move in small steps, adjusting your braces a little bit at a time and moving your teeth into a new position.

You will have regular appointments to adjust your braces or fit the next stage of your Invisalign treatment. These usually only take about 10 minutes, and are included in your treatment plan.

Don’t forget that you can choose new colours each time you come to have your braces adjusted!

in case of an emergency

To ensure your treatment runs smoothly, it’s important to care properly for your braces. If a wire is sticking out, first use your wax to stop it hurting or rubbing. Then contact us and we’ll work out whether we need to schedule an appointment.

Find out more about post-treatment care.