Treatment Costs

what do braces cost?

At ethos orthodontics, we recognise that a treatment plan is as unique as a patient’s smile! For this reason, it can be tricky to estimate the cost of braces without a consultation.

There are lots of variables to consider, including treatment type, treatment length, and a patient’s age, history and requirements. The important thing to remember is that orthodontic treatment is an investment – in the smile you will wear for the rest of your life, and in your self-esteem too.

While all our treatment plans are individually tailored, treatment time at ethos is typically around 18 months, and costs from $11 a day.

Patients who are eligible for ethos lite treatment can significantly reduce both the time and the cost of full orthodontic treatment. Find out if you have a less complex case, and whether ethos lite is right for you by making an appointment today.

consultation costs at ethos orthodontics

Ethos orthodontics is an ethical business that prides itself on patient care – so you can book a consultation with confidence. You’ll never be advised by anyone at ethos to pay for treatment you don’t need.

Your initial consultation fee will be $90 plus the cost of digital imaging (available at Mount Gravatt and Clayfield). Two digital images are made at a cost of $90 each.

We will then assess and diagnose your condition, and recommend a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Our quotes are all-inclusive and include a retention plan and support for up to 5 years after your active treatment is complete. So no hidden surprises! Services provided by other third parties, such as general dental work, are not included.

Also, you may be eligible for discounts at ethos if:

  • You pay your treatment costs in full.
  • A member of your family has also been an ethos patient.

We also offer a range of convenient payment plans. Find out more.