dr kent farmer - smile of the week

Congratulations on having your braces removed, enjoy your new smile!

Published on Monday 27 February 2017  
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foods and habits that stain your teeth

Orthodontist can straighten teeth but they can't control your eating habits, epecially the ones that stain your teeth! When thinking of dental stains, coffee and smoking are the most widely known offenders, but did you ever consider tea? It's good to know what foods and habits are robbing your teeth of their shine.

If you're eating or drinking something and afraid to spill it on your clothes, chances are they have the same affect on your teeth. This doesn't mean your teeth will forever be stained red if you drink a berry powerade, however the sugar and acid content will soften your tooth enamel which can erode the enamel exposing under lying dentine, which results in the tooth appearing yellow or stained.

Published on Wednesday 22 February 2017  
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how to pack a healthy lunch

The essential ingredients for every lunch box.

Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide a steady supply of energy to the brain and body throughout the day. Healthy complex carbohydrate choices include wholegrain bread and crackers, leftover wholemeal pasta, and wholegrain muffins or banana bread.

Published on Friday 17 February 2017  
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dr anna chang - smile of the week

What a pretty smile, enjoy being braces free!

Published on Wednesday 15 February 2017  
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what are the best teeth straightening options

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the days of face bows and headgear. While you may be familiar with traditional orthodontics, recent innovations have revolutionised treatment options for both adults and children.

Published on Wednesday 8 February 2017  
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