What is tongue thrusting?

Tongue thrusting, also called reverse swallow or immature swallow, is the name given to a human behaviour pattern in which the tongue protrudes through the front teeth during swallowing, speech and while the tongue is at rest.

Tongue thrusting occurs in a significant number of school-age children. All babies tongue thrust at birth however as children grow they usually switch to the normal swallowing pattern with the tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth. Not changing to a more mature swallowing pattern can adversely affect the teeth and mouth.

Published on Thursday 27 October 2016  
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11 facts about smiling

You have probably heard that it takes fewer muscles when smiling than when frowning, so why not smile? Although the exact amount of muscles needed to smile or frown is not quite agreed upon, there are many reasons to smile each day. Here are some reasons to turn that frown upside down as well as some facts you might not know about this common facial expression.

Published on Tuesday 18 October 2016  
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how to floss your teeth with braces

Many children and teens (and some adults) don't know how to floss with braces. Or they think they can't floss at all if they have braces but that's not the case. In fact, daily flossing is especially important during the time that you wear braces because you're more likely to have food particles trapped in the braces, bands and wires, which could increase your risk of a cavity if the food contains carbohydrates (sugars).

Published on Wednesday 12 October 2016  
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dr cath o’shea - smile of the week

What an amazing smile, enjoy being braces free!

Published on Friday 7 October 2016  
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lemon, coconut and tahini bliss balls

These lemon, coconut and tahini bliss balls are the perfect pick-me-up. They're packed with goodness and are guarenteed to beat the 3pm slump, so get motivated and fix yourself (and treat yourself to) a batch of these delectable snacks.

Published on Tuesday 4 October 2016  
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