lunch box snack

Zucchini slice muffins - Perfect for the whole family

Published on Friday 14 July 2017  
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how to tell if you have sensitive teeth

Do you experience flashes of pain to your teeth when you’re enjoying your favourite ice-cream recipe or hot beverages? Do you have to take a delicate approach to brushing and flossing? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you may suffer from sensitive teeth.

Published on Thursday 6 July 2017  
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just some of the benefits of invisalign

The Benefits Of Invisalign

Just some of the benefits of Invisalign:

• It is almost invisible in use.
• You can remove your aligner to eat meals and for special events.
• You can remove your aligner to brush and floss your teeth.
• You need fewer visits to the orthodontist than you do with braces.
• You can view a virtual treatment plan on the computer to see how your smile will end up looking.


The Invisalign aligner is a lightweight, clear plastic casing that is made especially to fit over your teeth. It is replaced regularly with a new aligner that brings your teeth that bit closer to your perfect smile.

Published on Monday 3 July 2017  
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choosing a mouthwash that’s right for you

If you’d like to add a mouthwash to your oral care routine, it’s important to be aware of just what a mouthwash does. Some freshen breath, others provide an anti-cavity benefit from fluoride, while others contain germ-killing ingredients to help prevent plaque buildup. 

You have many options, and the right mouthwash for you is the one that meets your dental hygiene needs for the health of your teeth and gums, and taste preference.

Published on Thursday 29 June 2017  
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dr kent farmer - smile of the week

Braces are off!! Enjoy that great smile of yours

Published on Wednesday 28 June 2017  
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